SACSSA currently consists of 9 Regions: Gauteng, Free State, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mpumalanga, North West, Southern Cape, Western Cape, Limpopo and G7 [an independent region]

Regions are normally formed by following the Provincial borders, but SACSSA also makes provision for schools with similar needs and structures, to form a Region by means of association, such as G7, which is a Region consisting of 7 of the larger Christian schools (400+), which are situated in Gauteng and North West

Regions are normally divided into 3 or 4 geographical Zones, which makes participation and organization within the region easier.

Representatives from the Zones form the Regional Council.

The Regions appoint a Sports Co-ordinator (full time or part time) depending on the needs and financial backing) as well as an Advisory member.

Both the above mentioned people represent the Region, on the SACSSA National Board, while the Advisory member will also serve on the National Advisory Board, and this board is responsible for looking at budget, Sport Policy and Constitution.

The National Board also appoints a full time National Co-ordinator and Secretary

The SACSSA National Fee is payable by every region, and corresponds to the total number of learners (Gr 1 and upwards) in the Region.

This fee is revised annually. This fee covers all administrative expenses related to the National Office.

Chairman Report


The activities offered by SACSSA are divided into three main groups:

Zonal Activities

These activities are organized by the Zonal Committees. Zonal Committees consist of one representatives per school in that specific Zone.

These activities include specific sport related to the 6 to 9 year olds, as well as qualifying meetings, in which pupils will qualify for the Regional Meetings.

Activities specifically aimed at our younger participants, are:

Development Swimming

Bakers Cricket

Development Chess

Six-a-side Soccer (u/9)

Fun Athletics

As well as any other activities that the Zonal Committee would like to introduce.

Regional Activities

These activities are usually organized by the Regional Sports Co-ordinator, in conjunction with a hosting school.

These activities may also include the 6 to 9 year olds, if the Region so wishes, but are normally the qualifying rounds from which individuals or teams will be selected to represent the Region during the National Championships or Invitational Meetings.

National Activities

During the SACSSA National Championships, Regions are represented by either individuals (athletics, swimming, cross country, chess, tennis, table tennis, etc) or teams (soccer, netball, cricket, volleyball, etc)

Age groups 10 to 19 are represented at the National level.

A number of clinics and courses are also offered for officials and sports people alike.

Every Region chooses what they are interested in and no region is forced to take part in all activities.



In 2001, SACSSA toured Zimbabwe with two cricket teams; u/15 and u/19

In 2002, an u/19 cricket team toured The United Kingdom very successfully and an u/15 team had a very successful tour to the Cape.


Our National Athletics has really become a spectacular event which runs over 3 days, with between 800 and 1000 athletes participating.

Every year we select a SACSSA National team, which is then entered in various meetings.

Since November 2002 SACSSA has been co-organizer together with Prisma Comms Ericsson, of a National Inter-Club meeting. SACSSA is normally represented by between 100 and 150 athletes out of a total of more than 1200 athletes from various clubs across South Africa, that take part.

In 2003, SACSSA came second after Rentmeester Tuks, and in 2004, SACSSA won the competition. In 2005, SACSSA came second again after Rentmeester Tuks. Since 2006, SACSSA has won this competion every year.


The SACSSA National Swimming Championships is a two day event of very high standard, with between 400 and 500 swimmers participating every year.

A tour to Australia is being envisaged, for the future.