As the basic monthly fee does not cover specific expenses connected to the various National Activities, an Entry Fee per participant, is payable by the participants entering for a specific National or Invitational Activity.

The Entry Fee is stipulated as per event, depending on the expected income and expenses.


The Fee which is paid by the schools in a specific region, is determined by that specific Regional Committee and depends totally on what the needs in the Region are.

Some Regions establish a full time sports office with a full time Sports Co-ordinator, while Regions that are just starting off, do it on a part time basis, with the sports office in such a case usually connected to a specific school, and the Sports Co-ordinator being reimbursed partly by the school and partly by the Region.

The Regional Fees consist of a Basic Monthly Membership Levy plus an Entry Fee for specific Sports Activities.

This Regional Fee is normally announced in the third term of the previous year, which allows schools to work it into their budgets for the new year.

Schools are advised to work it into their normal monthly school fees and not to show it as a separate item on their monthly statements.


SACSSA also recognizes Associate Membership, which is extended to schools outside the current SACSSA Regions.

Such schools will pay no Monthly National Levy, until such a time that a SACSSA Region is formed.

This means that Associate Members can enter for any of the SACSSA National Activities, provided that they follow the specific guidelines, the qualifying standards and pay the specific Entry Fee connected to the activity